Bell Alarms

Protect your home with a burglar alarm providing options for bells only, speech dialler or monitored alarms with key-holder and police response. Exodus Security Services home alarms are reliable and insurance approved with user friendly LCD keypad and external siren with strobe light as standard. The house alarms which can be wired or wireless are effective deterrents against burglary. Our range of burglar alarms as with the rest of our security systems are installed to comply with current British and European standards. We provide free quotation, full parts and labour warranty and NSI certificate of compliance.

Burglar alarm packages (Hard wired) Click here for wireless alarms

Package consists of: Bronze Silver Gold
Alarm Control Panel Scantronic 9651EN Bells only alarm Honeywell G2-12 Monitored alarm Honeywell G2-12 Monitored system
LCD keypad
Integrated proximity reader X Optional
Proximity tag X Optional 4
External siren with strobe
Decoy bell box X
Magnetic door contact 1 1 1
Motion sensor 3 4 4
12v battery back up
Alarm broadband filter X
Professional installation
Alarm monitoring 24/7 X Key holder response Key holder & Police response
Alarm maintenance (recommended) Optional Once a year Twice a year
Remote resets & support X
12 months parts and labour guarantee
NSI certificate of compliance
Insurance approved
ACPO policy DD243 compliant X X
EN50131 & PD6662 system grade Grade 2x Grade 2x Grade 2x
Monitoring & Maintenance N/A N/A N/A
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All prices include standard alarm installation. The above burglar alarm systems are hard wired. Additional costs will apply to non-standard installation which takes more than one working day and extra alarm components not specified in the package.

Bells-only alarm
Bells only alarm is a basic burglar alarm which triggers an audible external or internal siren when the alarm goes off. A bell only alarm can be hard wired or wireless but is never set up to automatically generate police response. A major concern is activations from these type of alarms are often ignored by the neighbours.

Monitored alarm
Your home security alarm can be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by our alarm receiving centre (ARC) from as little as 55 pence per day for keyholders response with an annual maintenance service. Upon receipt of alarm activation signals from the protected premises the ARC will alert the home owner and key holders or the police as applicable. A monitored alarm gives a better level of security and peace of mind protection than a bells only alarm.

Personal attack alarm
A personal attack alarm is useful more as a safety alarm than for protection against burglary. It allows the home owner to summon help from the neighbours and or the police when confronted or threatened by an intruder or a stranger in the house. It is also referred to as panic attack alarm.

Speech dialler
A speech dialler is a stand alone communication equipment which can be connected to an alarm system in order for the home owner to be notified on their telephones when the alarm goes off. Speech diallers are commonly used with bells only alarms because they permit voice recorded alarm notifications without any recurring service charges. A Speech dialler with facilities to send voice messages to up to five phone numbers including mobile can be installed at an extra cost.