Wireless Alarms

Quality wireless alarms for home security in London and home counties. Exodus security services offer wireless house alarms with options for pet friendly sensors, speech dialler, bells-only or monitored alarm with police response. Wireless alarms enable clean and tidy installation with no visible wiring around the home. ESS wireless alarm systems are reliable with no interference from mobile phones, wireless broadband or other radio frequency.

Wireless burglar alarm packages  ( Click here for wired home alarms )

The wireless home security systems are designed for home protection and small business and complies with BS 6799 Class 6 wire free intruder alarm systems and the requirements of BS EN50131, PD6662 Grade 2, 868 MHZ

Package consists of: Bronze Silver Gold
Alarm Control Panel Scantronic 9651EN Bells only alarm Honeywell G2-12 Monitored alarm Honeywell G2-12 Monitored system
LCD keypad
Integrated proximity reader X Optional
Proximity tag X Optional 4
External siren with strobe
Decoy bell box X
Magnetic door contact 1 1 1
Motion sensor 3 4 4
12v battery back up
Alarm broadband filter X
Professional installation
Alarm monitoring 24/7 X Key holder response Key holder & Police response
Alarm maintenance (recommended) Optional Once a year Twice a year
Remote resets & support X
12 months parts and labour guarantee
NSI certificate of compliance
Insurance approved
ACPO policy DD243 compliant X X
EN50131 & PD6662 system grade Grade 2x Grade 2x Grade 2x
Monitoring & Maintenance N/A N/A N/A
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