in addition to providing services in the security industry Exodus Security also have a wide range of uniforms that can be customised and used by the military and uniformed establishments


Take a look at our different types of Uniforms

Exodus Security are well known as long established makers of custom made to measure service uniform and mess dress (often known as mess kit) for the military and other services. We have a wide range of uniforms and accessories that are used by defence ministries,local authorities and other uniformed personnel within the United Kingdom as well as other countries in the world. We manufacture to individual customer requirements and as such the items within this web site are only a small selection of our extensive range. Please call us or fill out the contact form to get more information.

Full Officer Mess Dress

This covers complete Officer pattern Mess Dress Uniforms. The Mess dress can also be made to exact regiment specifications.

Jacket only

Military and ceremonial jackets. This can also include pattern Mess jackets that can also be made to exact regimental specifications.

Military Outfits

This category covers various military outfits like camouflage, flak jackets and anti-riot gear. As with other garments this can also be made to exact specifications.

Hats and Accessories

Exodus Security's uniform section also has uniform accessories like hats, buttons, gloves etc. These can also be made to exact specification.